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Social Media & Website Workshops Series Begins Mon. Feb 27th

Harnessing the power of these seemingly invisible groups on social media sites to achieve organizational goals is an elusive undertaking. Most efforts to promote collaboration are haphazard and built on the idea that more connectivity is better. In truth, networks create demands that sap people’s time and energy and can bog down entire organizations. It’s crucial for businesses to learn how to “nuance” their strategy-promote connectivity only where it benefits an organization or individual and to decrease unnecessary connections. Get an overview of the various Social Media applications and why they are an important marketing strategy for your business. All Social Media applications are not created equal - Learn which one is right for your type of business, save valuable time and avoid costly mistakes. 

71 Zaca Lane, Suite 130, SLO
5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
Fee: $30 each with handouts provided
Enrollment limited to 6 participants per class
Presenter: Vanessa Rispin, mcsc consultant, owner of Rispin Marketing
Social Media 101 - Monday, February 27