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Website Design Testimonials

Linda Wilson, Women's Network SLO

''As President of the Board of Directors for the Women's Network of San Luis Obispo, I speak on behalf of the Board and the organization. We are extremely happy with Vanessa's contribution and work on our new website. She listened to our needs and has provided us with a website that is interactive and intuitive. Her willingness to respond to our needs and allow open communication has played a big role in the success of our relationship. Any organization, especially member driven, should talk to Vanessa! Thank you, Vanessa.''

Kernn MacKinnon, Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill

''After interviewing four advertising firms, we selected Vanessa due to her vast knowledge of the internet, advertising and social media. Her designs are professional and creative. She handles last minute requests with skill and ease. Her professional attitude and ability to perform on short notice has made all of our advertising projects seem effortless. She also trains with skill and patience; we made the right choice.'' 

Peter Houck, Advocate-Coach (President, CEO) at Haven Partners, Inc

''Vanessa's work-ethic and creativity is evident from the first meeting. She has a breath of experience and skill in business and provides excellent outcomes for her clients. Her integrity and energetic personality make her a winning choice for your next project.''


Patty Dee, Aircut Music

''I highly recommend Vanessa as an expert website designer. She re-designed both my husband's website and mine (The Palm Theatre, and Aircut Music). She has a flair for design and knows all the current trends to make your site relevant in today's market. She is easy to work with and responds to concerns in a timely manner. I can't say enough about her professionalism in this field! Thumbs up for Vanessa Rispin!''


Kurt Alldredge, Owner/Executive Chef at The Chef's Touch Catering

 ''Vanessa has recently updated and redesigned my website and it is absolutely amazing. She is very professional and an expert in her field. Our website is now easy to navigate, functional and is providing all of the metrics necessary for us to better serve our customers. Thank you Vanessa.''


 Training Testimonials


 Jeannie Wolfsen, RN, CLNC, WCC

''I attended a workshop conducted by Vanessa Rispin and found it to be very informative and valuable learning how and where to find virtual work. Vanessa is informative, patient, and extremely knowledgeable in presenting your business, services or skills online. Learning how and where to post my services has already resulted in work opportunities. Anyone interested in expanding their business services online would find Vanessa's workshops a great resource. ''

Donna Lacki, Owner Posh Eco Exotic Home & Online Store

"She dismytifies the whole process. I have heard all this about internet marketing before but never really understood it. Vanessa's easy-to-understand everyday language makes learning to market my business on the internet far easier" 

Alicia Nowicki, Communications Coach

''I spent one hour with Vanessa and was amazed at how skilled she is in suggesting ways to make my business more effective and efficient. She right away made some suggestions that would support me in staying focused and on track thus saving time and improving my effectiveness. She is probably the most knowledgable person I know in how to improve the effectiveness of my web page, and she was able to instruct me in what I could do to improve my accessibility to potential customers. I am grateful for her help.''


Speaking Testimonials 

Phil Cisneros, Quantum Resources

''I heard Vanessa at a Softec Mixer speak on outsourcing people for short term projects. She was articulate, informative and effective in her presentation! She was thorough in answering the audience's questions! If you are in need of short-term people for a project for your company...Vanessa has the answers! I highly recommend her!'' 

Greg Whittington, Computer Systems / Project Management

''I had the great pleasure of attending a presentation given by Vanessa and connecting on a professional level. Vanessa has a wonderful presentation style. She knows her material so well because she speaks from experience. I know that the resources I use, based on her recommendation, are tried and proven. Vanessa is now my trusted advisor and I look forward to great success because of it.''

Claire P. Gordon, SLOMUG

''Vanessa, You held us all in the palm of your hand. You gave us an interesting, informative, and wonderful talk for which I thank you very much. You are obviously well-prepared to give help where much is needed. I write to express thanks on behalf of the San Luis Obispo Macintosh User Group. You were terrific.''